Hell's Kitchen

BlackHat / Defcon 14

The wall of sheep

Security awareness training is often overlooked by companies, people think that technology by itself can resolve all issues. Time for a reality check !, you might be surprised just how many people will access sensitive information without making sure it is encrypted. This is less of a problem on a well controlled wired network but with the growth of Wireless networks it can be a major issue. At the Defcon hackers conference they offer an open wireless network for all attendees; sounds great until you realise that 5000+ hackers and wanabees are present and a large number are sniffing the network. The infamous "Wall of sheep" is a sniffer that captures any logon credentials sent unencrypted and then displays these on a large projection on the wall. Even when the worst offenders became aware they were on the wall they did little to change there habits (the guy who kept changing his password over an unencrypted channel won a prize for stupidity).


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